WordPress, the world’s leading content management system was originally created in 2003 as a strictly blogging platform. Through years of improvement and development, it is now used by more than 60 million businesses worldwide and is often referred to as the number one content management system in terms of search engine visibility and user friendliness.

RealtyBloc makes use of WordPress’ easy to manage backend, extreme versatility, full responsive capabilities and we’ve taken it even further by integrating our custom built tools. The final product is an extremely easy to use, reliable and user friendly platform that requires no technical knowledge to operate.


Automatic Update

Search engines are constantly updating their search criteria and algorithms so it’s crucial that you aren’t left behind. Our platform has been designed to automatically update itself simultaneously with the search engines to ensure your website is always relevant and following the latest best practices.

With every update, you also gain access to our latest features and technology so that your website has the ability to constantly remain at the forefront of the latest trends in website technology.



First impressions play a key role in how you portray yourself, especially in real estate. Upon landing on your website, users need to find what they’re looking for and be entertained within 10-20 seconds or you risk their departure.

We take great pride in providing you with the most sophisticated and up to date website designs and options that allow the simplest website navigation and organic flow of information. Make use of our advanced designs to help set yourself apart from the competition while showcasing your listings and branding in the most professional manner possible while providing the best user experience.



With a responsive website, your online presence will appear as it should on every existing and future desktop, tablet and smartphone. By providing a better user experience, you’re also ensuring your branding and image is consistent across all channels.

Not only do your users love a responsive website, but so do search engines. Google recommends responsive websites over other websites because they contain just one URL, regardless of device. This makes it easier and more efficient for search engines to crawl, index, and organize your content instead of doing so on a desktop version, as well as a whole separate mobile version. Search engines reward you with higher rankings with a responsive website due to the fact that you’re minimizing the amount of work required on their end.

They look at many factors when ranking a website; some of which are simple clean coding, user experience, and quality content which all help make you more visible to search engines, which in turn makes you more visible to potential clients.


Content Management

RealtyBloc gives you full access to your content instantly no matter where you are. Simply log in to your backend from any smartphone, tablet or desktop and make the changes you desire. Our platform has been optimized to ensure you can easily manage your listings, blog and content in our super user friendly backend without any added headaches.



WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform so you can be certain that your blogging capabilities will be more effective than any other platform out there. With RealtyBloc’s integration on WordPress, your blogs are more dynamic and interactive than ever before. With search engines placing more emphasis than ever on unique content, this feature is more effective than ever.


IDX / Reciprocity

Our carefully built IDX Search engine uses cutting-edge search infrastructure for lightning fast full searches and fully compatible SEO. This sounds complicated but in essence, we bring your listings closer to your audience extremely fast. The first of its kind in Canada, we’ve pioneered a whole new way of delivering listings to your audience with our IDX Technology.




Having a website hosted on an ultra fast and secure server is a big deal. Imagine all the data that needs to be stored while avoiding crashes. RealtyBloc uses a cutting edge cloud based server that allows your content to be found in lightning fast speed. Along with our main server, we also maintain an extensive backup system to eliminate any unforeseen data losses. You can ensure your content, personal information, and data is held in the highest security and that your products with us will equate to 100% uptime.


SEO Friendly

Search engines look at many factors when ranking a website; some of which are simple clean coding, user experience, and responsive design. All of which make you more visible to search engines, which in turn makes you more visible to potential clients. Our websites come fully optimizable for SEO with built in features that help make you stand out even more among your competitors.