18 Call To Action Phrases That Actually Call People To Action

You could write the most eloquent and informative piece of real estate literature known to man, but if there is no call to action, then you’re really just writing an essay. The whole point of real estate marketing is to get the reader to do something; to take action. Far too often, we create great content but forget to take the bold step of asking the reader to make a move. Your end goal for any advertising or marketing strategy is to gather more information from the reader that will help you convert the lead into a sale. But how will readers know to give you this information unless you ask for it?

This is where the call to action phrases come in. Consider these call to action phrases that actually call people to action.

“Download This Free Guide!”

If you have a blog and have been updating it regularly, you probably have more than enough content to create an ebook. An ebook is a popular way to give potential customers valuable information that they’re looking for all in one document.

Use call to action phrases such as:
  • “Download this free first-time buyer’s guide!”
  • “Check out our FREE guide to hosting the perfect open-house”
  • “Home not selling? Read our ebook to find out why.”
  • “Get your FREE ‘Moving To (Your City Here)’ Guide!”

Your reader benefits because they get free access to a resource that is pertinent to buying or selling real estate. You benefit by being able to collect valuable data that you need to pursue the lead and potentially gain another client.

“Check Out Our Newsletter”

People will be happy to sign up for a newsletter full of market data, real estate tips, and useful information if they know you aren’t going to spam them. If you have a great newsletter that buyers and sellers may find interesting, invite them to sign up for it. Make it clear how often these newsletters go out so that the reader knows they won’t be getting five emails from you today.

Use call to action phrases such as:
  • “Sign up to get the latest (your city here) real estate news in your inbox every week!”
  • “Don’t miss out on properties for sale in (your city here!) Sign up for our newsletter!”
  • “Want real estate tips, and news delivered right to your inbox? Sign up here!”
“Get On Our List”

There’s something about knowing their name is on an exclusive list that makes people feel special. Encourage readers to sign up to get their name on a VIP list. Explain that people on this list get real estate insider tips, neighborhood updates, or inside information about market trends. Send newsletters, event invitations, and useful home buying information to this list before you send it out to your master list. And make sure they know that they are the first to get this exclusive information. The power is in the wording.

Use call to action phrases like
  • “Want to be the first to get updates on properties in (your city here)? Click here to get on our VIP list
  • “Be the first to know about shifts in the market and real estate news by joining our Buyer’s Club list.”
  • “Get ahead of other (your city here) buyers by joining our exclusive VIP list.”
“Schedule A Conversation”

You’d be surprised at how many interested customers fill out contact forms with their phone numbers and never received a callback. It can be frustrating for a consumer to try and schedule a conversation with a Realtor while juggling work, social responsibilities, and life. The schedule a conversation call to action allows interested consumers to schedule a conversation with you during a time that works for them. This not only shows that you are flexible and willing to adjust your schedule to fit theirs but allows you to connect with an interested buyer or seller when they are in the right mindset to discuss real estate.

Use call to action phrases such as:
  • “Click here to check my calendar and schedule a chat.”
  • “Let’s discuss this further when it’s convenient for you. Click here to schedule a conversation.”
  • “Want to know more? Let’s schedule a 15-minute chat. Click here to find the time/date that works best for you.”
“Reply Today And Receive….”

Simply asking your readers to reply to an email probably won’t generate the result that you want. However, asking your readers to respond to an email because they’ll get something in return could produce better results. If you send out an email about homes for sale in a particular neighborhood, encourage readers to reply to the newsletter or email with what they love most about that specific neighborhood. Offer a small reward such as a gift certificate, or a link to a free audio download or ebook.

Use call to action phrases such as:
  • “Respond to this email with three things you’re looking for in a new home, and receive a free audio download to our new ebook, (name of the ebook here)
  • “Join our email list and receive an immediate $5 Starbucks gift card in your inbox!”
  • “Respond to this email, and we’ll send you an invite to our next first time home owner’s happy hour!”
“…Take The First Step..”

Sometimes, buyers and sellers can be overwhelmed with the real estate transaction process. They may not know where to start, who to contact, or what to do first. A call to action that encourages them to take the first step seems manageable and less daunting and increases the chances that they’ll do what you’re asking them to do.

Use call to action phrases like:
  • “Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Click here to take the first step in selling your home.”
  • “Want to know the first step in selling your home quickly? Respond to this email, and we’ll send it to you.”

As a Realtor, your call-to-action should always bring people back to your website. When they get there, they will make snap judgments about you and your services based on your website. Does your current website stand out from the competition? If not, it may be time to invest in a professionally-designed website that encourages users to click around, explore, and take action steps.

Take the first step (see what we did there?) to explore how RealtyBloc’s innovative SEO strategies, branding techniques, and professional website design impacts your customer experience and encourages them to take action.

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