7 Ways Expert Real Estate Agents Market Themselves- And How You Can Too

Believe it or not, top agents don’t have a secret formula for a marketing strategy that launches them to the top of their field. They simply understand the seven core things they need to market themselves, and they focus intentionally on these things. They know that effective marketing is not really about them at all; it’s about how they interact and connect with others. Their marketing strategies are based on what they can offer to their clients and how they can serve them.

If you are looking for a way to reach new clients and get your name out there, here are the seven things you need to be focused on:

Your Website

Your website is the single most crucial part of an effective marketing and branding strategy. Your website is where potential clients will go to get answers and get to know you. Investing in a professionally designed website tells your clients that you care about first impressions, that you value the details, and that you take your job seriously. Prospective clients will be looking for a few key things on your website, so make sure they’re all there. If you want people to take you seriously, and if you’re going to generate high-quality leads, you have to invest in your website.


An effective real estate website is multifunctional. It tells the user a little about you and helps them find a way to contact you. But it should also provide local and insightful information that they can use. One of the best ways to give them this information, and in turn, demonstrate your knowledge of the industry is by posting informative, engaging, and relevant blogs regularly. Blogs help set you apart as a leader in the industry. They also help with SEO, which means more people will find you when searching for Realtors in your area. Blogs give users a chance to get to know you better, open up dialogue, and improve engagement. An innovative website is good, but an innovative website with a blog is even better.

Diversify Marketing Campaigns

Expert agents have learned how to stay on prospective clients’ minds without being overbearing. They’ve learned to diversify their marketing campaigns to reach a broader audience without being seen as a nuisance. Your marketing campaign should include both traditional and non-traditional strategies. This could look like a weekly newsletter (traditional) and open house (traditional) and hosting a “First Time Homeowners Happy Hour and Q&A (non-traditional.) Diversifying your marketing campaigns allows you to spread your message, get your name out there, and stay relevant.

Partner With The Community

Real estate is a people-centered business. The way you communicate, connect, educate, and serve your clients will determine your success. One way to connect with people and show your more human side is to get as involved with the community as possible. Sponsor a 5K, donate to charity, volunteer at a neighborhood event, host a family pizza party, or sponsor a little league team. You will be more successful as an agent if you authentically know your community. The best way to be known in your community is to serve in your community. Top agents know that connections and leads don’t always happen behind a computer screen; they happen organically when the agent is intentional about service and building relationships.

Master Social Media

Mastering social media can be the best thing you can do for your marketing strategy. This may require more intentional effort on your part, maybe even taking a class or attending a workshop to truly understand how to use Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to generate high-quality leads. Social media can be a free way to reach millions of people in an instant and can help you appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy generation of buyers and sellers. Instagram is a top agent’s best friend, as it lets them post high-quality pictures on a platform where people are solely interested in high-quality photos. Real estate agents can also use the “stories” feature to document behind the scenes footage, or “Go Live” to host webinars, home and neighborhood tours, FAQ sessions and more.

Invest In Professional Video And Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, and this couldn’t be more true in the real estate industry. If you want to market yourself effectively, you have to invest in professional video and photography. Every picture on your website or in your branding must have a purpose. When prospective clients are on your website or viewing other marketing materials, you have mere seconds to grab their attention. High-quality images, just like your website, tell your potential clients that the small details matter, that you want to make a good impression, and you’re willing to invest in your business.


Top agents know that there is always more to know. That is why they implement intentional networking into their marketing strategies. Building relationships, engaging in partnerships, and connecting with people are some of the best ways to market yourself. Whether you attend speed-networking events, host a workshop, go to an informal Realtor’s happy hour event, or are just being more intentional about passing out your business cards, meeting new people is how you get your name out there and generate leads.

RealtyBloc Is Your Key To Effective Marketing

There isn’t a secret class that you have to take to boost your marketing techniques. You don’t have to know a magic formula to get your name out there, generate leads, and market yourself effectively. What you do need is a website that attracts clients, a branding strategy that makes you stand out, and a relentless pursuit of connection, service, and communication. Top agents understand that successful marketing happens when you stop worrying so much about you and start focusing on how your experience and expertise can serve others.

RealtyBloc can help you put all of these pieces together to create a strong marketing strategy that will change the way you do business. Don’t fall for quick fixes or temporary tricks to market yourself. With a flawless website, intentional branding, consistent blogs, high-quality photos, and regular networking, you’ll be the one people think of the next time they’re buying or selling a home.

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