7 Game-Changing Social Media Marketing Tips for REALTORS

It is not an industry secret that social media is a vital part of any marketing strategy. Facebook and Instagram have over 1 billion active users each, which means if you are looking to reach people, social media platforms are the place to do it. But there is a science behind an active social media marketing campaign. If you are going to use social media as part of your real estate marketing strategy, (which you should), these are the seven game-changing tips that all successful Realtors need to know.

Focus and Master A Single Platform

Because there are so many different social media channels available, it can quickly become overwhelming trying to stay current on all of them. When you try to spread yourself over a variety of social media platforms, you end up watering down your message. Instead of trying to be everywhere at one time, focus on one social media platform, and master it. For Realtors, Instagram is a phenomenal marketing resource because the focus is on the pictures. Whether you are posting videos of open houses or showing potential buyers what you do behind the scenes, Instagram is a great place to show off your listings and services.

Once you decide on the social media platform that you’re going to use, it is important to stick with it and stay consistent. Learn everything you need to know about how to schedule posts, the different times of the day and days of the week that will generate the most engagement, and learn how to use hashtags to connect with your target audience. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn, pick a channel and learn everything there is to know about it. Become an expert. This allows you to pour all of your focus into one platform and engage with your audience more effectively.

Have A Plan

Once you decide which social media platform you will be using to advertise your real estate services, it is important to put a plan into place. An effective social media marketing strategy is intentional. It is not just sharing random pictures whenever you feel like it, or posting about an open house followed by a post about what you’re eating for dinner. You must have a plan and a purpose for every post. Your social media strategy should focus on your target audience and consistently generate content that is important to them.

Get into a routine of what you post and when you post it. For example, maybe every Tuesday you share tips for buyers looking in your area, and on Wednesdays you post videos highlighting a specific community in your area. Your audience will begin to get used to the schedule and routine and look forward to the informative content you produce.

Most social media platforms give you the ability to schedule your posts, so even if you are out of the office or go away on vacation, your social media campaign will still run smoothly.

Be Consistent

Once you have a plan, it is time to put it into action. You will see the most activity and engagement on your social media posts when you are consistent. A social media campaign includes posting regularly. This could mean posting once a day Monday through Friday, posting every other day, or posting seven days a week. Once you pick on a posting schedule that makes the most sense for you, stick with it. Avoid posting multiple times a day, as this could take over your audience’s newsfeed and become annoying. Make sure that everything you post aligns with the values and vision of your company. It’s okay to incorporate humor and current events into your marketing campaign, as long as it is consistent. Have we mentioned how important it is to stay consistent?

Be Picky About Photos

90% of the information your brain absorbs is visual, and visual messages are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Homebuyers are browsing thousands of images a day, looking for the ones that pique their interest and encourage them to make an offer. Sellers are looking to post the highest quality photos possible to attract qualified buyers. As a Realtor, it is imperative that you are always posting high-quality pictures and videos. You want to make sure your social media feed is full of bright and bold and clear images that attract attention. Don’t post a subpar picture just because you need something to post. Take the time to make sure your equipment is set to produce high-quality images, and then take the time to edit them.

Go over each picture carefully before you post it. If possible, have someone else look over the picture as well. Sometimes we miss things that are in plain sight, like an overflowing laundry hamper in the corner or and open toilet seat in the background.

Focus On Engagement, Not Followers

Far too often, businesses spend so much time gaining followers and not enough time interacting with the followers they already have. Engagement is critical for a successful social media marketing campaign. One of the best things you can do to interact with your audience and encourage engagement is to respond and react to comments promptly. By answering questions, responding to comments, and leaving your own comments, you can generate conversation and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Your audience will be able to tell if you are responding to their comments with a generic, pre-typed response. While you may have to resort to this type of response occasionally, do your best to customize your responses. This will generate a more authentic conversation and make your followers feel seen. Traditionally, business owners would set aside a chunk of time during the day to respond to social media inquiries and interact with their followers. However, this could mean a comment or question goes unnoticed for 24 hours. And in the world of the internet, that is far too long. If responding and commenting and engaging with your audience is taking up a good chunk ofyour workday, consider putting together a social media team that can help you manage it.

Go Live

The ability to go Live is a game-changer for the real estate industry. This feature allows you to broadcast yourself in real-time to your followers. This is a popular tool for Realtors who want to show their virtual audience around a particular property or host a Q&A session about the local real estate market. At first, going Live can seem overwhelming, especially if you are introverted or feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. But once you do it a few times, you can see how it positively impacts your engagement with your audience. It allows you to have conversations with people in real-time, which is something you simply can’t do by posting a picture or sharing a post.

Live videos show up in more news feeds, and are a powerful and free form of advertising. A Live video typically shouldn’t be any longer than 5 to 15 minutes and should be well-thought-out and practiced. Since you’re Live, there are no re-dos. People are watching what you do when you do it, so it is crucial that you know what you want to say. Successful Realtors know the importance of connecting with their audience, and a live video is an excellent addition to an effective social media marketing campaign.

Show Off

Social media allows you to show off. This doesn’t mean you should come across as arrogant or all-knowing, but it does mean showcasing your strengths and areas of expertise to your audience. Becoming an expert in social media allows you to show your audience how you are an expert in your field. It enables you to give your followers inside information that they may not be able to get elsewhere. Some ways to showcase your expertise include interviewing local business owners or industry leaders, providing market updates, posting videos and pictures of community events, share home buying tips, and answer frequently asked questions. Your goal should be to be the name that pops up whenever someone asks, “Hey, do you know a good Realtor?”

Along with a vibrant and active social media campaign, it is imperative that you also have an innovative and easy-to-use Realtor website. The two can go hand-in-hand to connect with your target audience, showcase your services, and generate more business. Social media does not have to be a scary or overwhelming part of your marketing strategy. Simply take it day-by-day, learn as much as you can about a specific platform, and be yourself.

As a Realtor, your job is to connect with people, and social media is one of the best ways to do it.

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