In An Age Of Apps, Are Realtors Still Relevant?

We live in an age where almost everyone carries a high tech computer in their back pocket. This means we’re used to instant access to any and all information that we need at any moment. When we have a problem, we turn to technology to give us the answers we need. Technology keeps us connected and makes communication almost instantaneous. This is why it’s no surprise that buyers and sellers rely heavily on innovative technology to simplify the home buying process.

But if they have listings, neighborhood info, and market data at their fingertips, do they even need a Realtor? The answer is yes, but they need a Realtor who is also utilizing technology to help them provide the best service to their clients. Real estate is a people-focused business, and technology cannot replace the human connections required to be successful in the industry. However, knowing how to use technology will help you maximize your results, gain the trust of your potential clients, and streamline the home buying process.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tech tools that a Realtor can use. Not only is it a critical part of any modern marketing strategy, but it is also where potential clients will go to learn more about you. An active and engaging social media platform will allow you to connect with your community, share valuable information, and establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

Buyers and sellers will use social media to learn more about you as a person and a professional. Sellers will expect you to share their listing on social media, and buyers will expect you to utilize your social media platforms to help them find the perfect home. If your Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts are neglected or underperforming, potential clients may see it as a red flag that you aren’t the tech-savvy Realtor they’re looking for.

Virtual Reality

Today’s buyer wants as much information about a property as they can get. They expect professional-quality photos, detailed information, convenient open houses, and up-to-date neighborhood data, and they expect their Realtor to provide these things in a timely manner. More and more buyers are also looking for virtual tours so they can get a feel for the layout of a potential home without ever having to leave their own. Utilizing Virtual Reality is something today’s Realtors have to do to stay relevant.

Virtual staging allows investors and buyers to look at an empty property and see what it would look like fully decorated and furnished, which is a great strategy for buyers who have a hard time seeing the vision. This makes it significantly easier to sell an empty home and eliminates the need to spend thousands of dollars on professional staging.

Virtual Reality can also help Realtors who are selling a home that isn’t even built yet. Innovative software allows buyers to see both interior and exterior details of a home, ask questions, and immerse themselves in their future home before the foundation is ever laid.


The process of buying and selling homes can be time-consuming. It can require a lot of back-and-forth communication between the buyer, the seller, the Realtor, and any other professional involved in the transaction, such as lenders and contractors. In an age of instant access to information and rapid-fire communication, clients aren’t used to waiting days for a response to their email or answer to their question. They expect immediate confirmation, push notifications on their smart devices, and almost instantaneous feedback. Automation helps Realtors streamline the home buying and selling process. It helps send the confirmation, the approval, and the follow-up emails automatically so that the Realtor can spend time doing other things and serving the clients in different ways. Automation can be used to schedule social media posts, to send out marketing emails, and follow up on hot leads.

What aspects of your job could be automated to free up time in your already busy schedule? What tasks could you schedule, set up, and walk away from that would serve your audience and allow you to maximize your time and effort? But buyers and sellers don’t want every email to sound generic and automated; they want to feel like they are more than just a number. Finding the balance between automation and personalization is what sets the good Realtors apart from the great ones.

Flexibility is Key

There’s no doubt that Realtors are still relevant in the age of high tech tools and innovative software. An app can not replace their training, local market knowledge, experience, and expertise in the industry. However, Realtors that want to stay relevant must be flexible and willing to shift with the needs and expectations of the modern home buyer.

Stay Relevant With RealtyBloc

Your website is the most significant indicator of your professionalism and tech-savviness. An underwhelming website says you aren’t concerned about first impressions and aren’t willing to invest in your business. A well thought out branding strategy and professionally designed website, however, says the opposite. It says you understand and appreciate the value of technology in the industry, you pay close attention to detail, and are focused on making the right first impression.

To stay relevant in this age of technology, you need a personal brand that sticks out. Keep up with the quickly evolving market by contacting RealtyBloc today! We can help you take the first step toward establishing yourself as a Realtor and creating a long-lasting personal brand that will stand the test of time.

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